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Healthcare providers such are under more pressure than ever to deliver better outcomes at a lower cost. Inefficient and expensive communication methods along with manual processes lead to inflated operating costs, placing heavy demands on a service that is already vastly underfunded. Boomerang has a suite of messaging solutions that are easy to adopt, yet capable of generating substantial cost savings through automation, helping to reduce the heavy burden of missed appointments, the manual resources required to organise shift rostering and the recruitment of temporary workers. Boomerang's intelligent messaging solutions drive automation into everyday communications, making them specifically pertinent to healthcare where resources are stretched to the limit.


Automate Appointment Management

Reduce the cost of missed appointments using automated appointment scheduling



Financial control for Flexible Working

Reduce operational costs by automating shift fulfillment across temporary workforces



Improve Patient Engagement

Improve patient experience through pro-active communications



Support Critical IT & Technology

Use interactive surveys to improve the quality of feedback



Appointments - Issue appointment reminders with an option to cancel via the same communication channel; then automate fulfillment of the vacant slot


Roster management - Schedule rosters in advance and automate reminders


Ad-Hoc communications - Quickly distribute information to customers e.g. test results, prescriptions, check-up due, change to opening times, patient registration progress updates


Temporary workers - Automate the process of offering and fulfilling ad-hoc shifts with non-permanent staff


Patient care - Keep in touch with patients in regard to medication reminders, quit smoking motivation, dietary changes, exercise plans


Patient feedback - Build and trigger patient surveys using bespoke software

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