Seamless Messaging Solutions For Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Emergency services rely on effective communications to carry out day-to-day operations and to effect a rapid response to emergency situations. Boomerang's range of critical alerting solutions helps to improve response times through targeted, multi-channel communications and by automating the distribution and escalation of information, to help ensure that the relevant people have access to the right information, exactly when they need it. Additionally, our platform provides alternative channels by which information is received and processed, from weather and traffic alerts to reporting suspicious behaviour, criminal acts or even as means by which stranded individuals can reach out.


Cost Saving

Improve the efficiency of internal communications processes to reduce overheads


Improve Service Levels

Reduce incident response times by automating and escalating alerts


Greater Outreach

Increase engagement from the public by offering additional communication channels


Manage Workload

Automate inbound inquiry handling and reduce pressure on contact centers


Workforce Management

Optimise fulfillment of staff overtime without manual involvement


Internal communications - Instantly broadcast important internal updates (party-line, events etc)


Emergency triage - Allow public to report incidents (e.g. crime, anti-social/suspicious behaviour) and triage the enquiry via SMS


Incident alerting - Receiving and cascading alerts (weather, traffic etc.)


Shift/overtime allocation - Automate the fulfilment of overtime


Volunteer communications - Manage the availability of volunteers through automated communications


Incident communications - Instantly trigger communications to available resources when an incident occurs (e.g. lifeboats)


Information handling - Allow informants to provide information with discretion

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