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Boomerang offers a range of products and tools dedicated to automated digital messaging. Our pricing is aimed at all types of organisations and so our product entry price is subscription-free to get started. Messaging can be purchased for as low as £0.027 per message.

Flexible and dynamic APIs empowering 3rd party applications with Intelligent Messaging.

Boomerang’s APIs deliver an ideal blend of security, functionality and performance. Offering substantial throughput, they have been designed to meet the needs of our enterprise customers requiring instant delivery of their global messaging. Services are fully redundant, supported by a co-located infrastructure and connections to multiple tier 1 carriers, with automated failover inherent to both.  Additionally, for organisations looking for the next generation of SMS messaging, Boomerang’s built-in intelligence guarantees that all messages and responses are matched, regardless of the quantity sent and the order of reply, allowing developers to build fully automated workflows with SMS at their core.


  • Build Intelligent Messaging into existing software to drive automation into communication processes and reduce manual effort
  • Extend the reach and capability of existing software with multi-channel messaging
  • Connect distributed stakeholders to your business applications using the power of a reply
  • Drive deeper engagements with end-users through conversational messaging
  • Improve the end-user experience through fully interactive messaging which is driven by the convenience provided to the end-user


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  • 1-way, 2-way and 'Intelligent’ 2-way messaging
  • Any number of concurrent conversations threads with same end user are managed automatically
  • Global messaging using reply numbers local to the destination of delivery
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • High capacity, performance and rapid throughput
  • Redundant architecture for optimum service availability
  • Social hours messaging - Messages are only sent between specified times


Intelligent messaging – Intelligent Messaging enables a range of business communication processes to become fully automated, some examples are provided below:

  • Dynamic scheduling – Deliveries, appointments, bookings
  • Workforce management – Shift planning, field force, recruitment
  • Incident management – Outages, service disruption, business continuity
  • Customer experience management – Instant authentication, fast-tracking

Conversational messaging – Conversational messaging manages the integrity of multiple concurrent conversations with the same end-user and can be used for:

  • Surveys – Create interactive surveys
  • Service desk support – Create threads for ticket updates to end-users and responses and notify agents of updates
  • Sales enquiries – Create threads to interact with end-users to manage new enquiries
  • Prospect management – Create threads to drive deeper relationships with prospects
  • Marketing – Qualify and drive deeper engagements

Bulk broadcasts – Bulk broadcasting is a great tool for the widespread distribution of time-critical information and can be used for:

  • Marketing, promotions, notifications, etc
  • Critical alerting
  • Reminders
  • Announcements
  • Instant authentication (OTP and 2FA)
  • Driving mobile payments

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