Boomerang offers a range of products and tools dedicated to automated digital messaging. Our pricing is aimed at all types of organisations and so our product entry price is subscription-free to get started. Messaging can be purchased for as low as £0.027 per message.

Scheduling, Rostering & Resource Management

boomFlow automates communications to a widespread audience and groups resources by their response using Intelligent Messaging. An organisation requiring multiple personnel for an event or to fulfill a vacancy can very quickly achieve this without any manual intervention. Resources are grouped and scheduled for the work with automated reminders and updates triggered prior to the event itself, providing visibility and control of distributed resources.


  • Create event-based fulfillment by tracking responses against specified quotas and automatically schedule those resources
  • Use calendar to schedule available resources manually
  • Trigger reminders to scheduled resources prior to the event start date
  • Automated status updates and notifications if a resources changes availability status
  • Reserve lists created automatically and used to replace any resources that cancel
  • Customise message auto-replies based on each response option
  • Use schedules with other Boomerang products to select the recipients in real-time as and when a communication process is activated
  • Global messaging delivery and international messaging using local SMS numbers


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  • Rostering - Create staff rosters and issue pre-shift reminders
  • Fulfilment - Automate large scale fulfilment for part-time / temporary appointments and set quota requirements
  • Volunteering - Recruit volunteers en-masse for specific events
  • Duty planning - Schedule on-call staff over the period required (day, week, month)
  • Event registration - Use responses to bulk broadcast to secure attendees
  • Marketing - Use intelligent 2-way messaging to allow promo codes or vouchers to be redeemed via a response


  • Automate large scale fulfilment to remove the cost and effort of manual processes
  • Immediate benefits – Easy adoption with minimal user training required
  • Increase shift occupancy and minimise ‘no shows’
  • Improve the end user experience through seamless engagement (simply respond to register for work)
  • Extend operational efficiencies globally across an organisation’s footprint
  • Reduce operating costs by removing manual communication processes
  • Improve staff satisfaction & response rate by providing alternative channels of engagement
  • Access detailed MI to evaluate the success of existing processes

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