Alerting & Reminders

Weather Alerts

Boomerang’s incident communications software provides the ideal solution for weather alerting. Configured to receive real-time information from the Met Office, email, voice and critical SMS alerts are triggered to relevant staff and stakeholders to mitigate weather-related incidents. Alerts are distributed to stakeholders based on the affected region and severity and can be escalated based on hierarchy and by communication channel.


  • Fulfil corporate compliance and duty of care to staff by quickly assisting vulnerable staff
  • Minimise risk by empowering customers to take precautions
  • Reduce the financial impact of adverse weather by protecting assets
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction by providing proactive information
  • Manage the impact of disruption by empowering customers to make alternate arrangements
  • Protect public safety through proactive warnings and guidance
  • Reduce the impact of emergency situations through effective resource management

Traffic Alerts

Boomerang’s range of incident solutions also include an out-of-the-box solution for traffic alerting.  Configured to receive real-time information from the Highways Agency, email, voice and critical SMS alerts are triggered to relevant personnel, to enable more efficient journey planning,  based on their pre-defined preferences (e.g. communication method, frequently used roads or motorways).  These preferences can be easily modified for ad-hoc journey planning.


  • Improve employee productivity through advanced planning
  • Enhance the safety of mobile employees
  • Distribute targeted alerts to those employees likely to be impacted to reduce overheads
  • Reduce missed or late deliveries through improved journey planning
  • Improve responsiveness using alerts to help calculate quickest routes
  • Quickly extend communication reach to a wider audience, incorporating BYOD
  • Reduce employee stress and frustration

M-2-M Alerts

Boomerang’s M-2-M, incident management solution provides seamless integration with incumbent monitoring systems, along with the ability to rapidly distribute incident alerts when a monitoring event is triggered. Critical service outages can be notified to engineers in real-time and escalated across multiple communication channels until acknowledged. Replies to these communications can be used to automatically initiate further status updates and resolution notifications. Our fully automated communication solution will reduce incident resolution times and mitigate outages, whilst minimising the impact on resources.


  • Minimise service downtime
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Meet SLA targets for service availability
  • Streamline incident communication processes
  • Increase employee productivity

Payment Reminders

Failing to manage debtors and recover long-term debt, can have a significant impact on cash flow for organisations with a large subscriber base. Leverage Boomerang’s multi-channel messaging to provide customers with a frictionless payment experience. Payment reminders can be issued via a customer’s preferred communication channel, as well as empowering them with a range of payment options, avoiding the frustration of waiting in call queues.


  • Automate debt recovery processes reducing operational overheads
  • Reduce debt and improve cashflow
  • Provide customers with a convenient and seamless payment solution
  • Communicate with customers via their preferred channel



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Usage / Threshold Alerts

Using Boomerang’s alerting solution helps to safeguard the continuity of business services by delivering real-time updates. Issues relating to service capacity, usage, and status can be avoided by triggering pre-emptive warnings, allowing the necessary action to be taken to prevent disruption to services.


  • Prevent disruption to critical business services
  • Empower customers to implement warnings to prevent account issues
  • Reduce risk of fraudulent activity using response based authorisation (e.g. fraud alerts)

Appointment / Booking Reminders

The combined cost of missed appointments or bookings can have a hugely detrimental impact on profitability, so an organisation must be flexible and have an effective communication strategy. Boomerang’s technology helps to achieve this by streamlining the management of reservations and bookings. Each booking generates an SMS message prior to the scheduled date, serving as a reminder and includes an option for the customer to cancel.


  • Reduce operational overheads by automating appointment fulfilment process
  • Improving customer satisfaction by accelerating the appointment fulfilment process
  • Increase quantity of opportunities provided to agents to reduce turnover
  • Re-deploy manual resources elsewhere

Collection Reminders

Uncollected deliveries and replenishment orders leave stock rooms brimming and co-ordinating collections with customers creates a huge administrative burden. Using Boomerang allows automated reminders to be sent to the customer until the outstanding items are collected.


  • Automate reminder messages to reduce the manual overhead
  • Avoid stock capacity issues by streamlining the collection process
  • Reduce the number of uncollected orders

Legal Compliance

Using multi-channel messaging is a great way of keeping customers informed of changes to contract terms or tariff changes to fulfill legal compliance. Pro-active alerting provides transparency, ensuring customers have visibility of any changes to terms of service that may affect how they use it or the price they pay for it. Furthermore, allowing customers to respond to verify acceptance of those new terms or even embedding links in a message allowing documentation to be digitally signed, safeguards legal compliance.


  • Provide transparency, ensuring customers notified of account changes
  • Ensure your organisation remains compliant
  • Use Intelligent messaging for acknowledgment/acceptance of changes
  • Speed up the process of engagement by providing mechanism to acknowledge updates