Duty of Care

Duty of Care

Safeguarding the welfare of employees is of paramount importance to responsible employers, particularly those employees working in isolation, that may be at risk. Boomerang's solution for lone working can be easily adopted and helps to mitigate those risks by allowing alerting the supervisory staff of potential issues. If a lone worker has failed to respond to an automated message, alerts can be quickly escalated across individuals or teams, and via multiple communication channels, to ensure that immediate action is taken when every second counts.



  • Constant visibility into the safety of lone workers
  • Enables time-critical response based to potential security incidents
  • Simple integration with existing systems and mobile devices
  • Fully configurable prompting and escalation processes
  • Constant 2-way communication with lone workers for peace of mind


  • Schedule lone worker shifts
  • Prompt lone workers to start the engagement by responding to an automated message
  • Allow lone worker to log-on / log off by sending a message to start/end the process
  • Send regular prompts to the lone worker requesting a response to acknowledge their safety
  • Trigger immediate escalations to a supervisory team based on failure to respond

How it Works:


Step 1

The lone worker sends in a message to log-on to their shift (If the lone worker fails to log a reminder is sent)


Step 2

Further messages are sent at pre-defined intervals requesting an acknowledgment until the lone worker logs off


Step 3

If the lone worker fails to acknowledge any of the messages, a reminder is sent


Step 4

The alert is escalated to senior staff if no acknowledgment is returned from the supervisory team

Working with Boomerang has provided our clients with a robust 2-way messaging solution which, when integrated with Oneserve’s service management solution, automates the communication with their customers and improves the efficiency of their service.

Adam Thompson

Chief Solution Officer, Oneserve

Because of the nature of our end-users, their communications skills and platforms are variable; we therefore, need to have a number of channels open to claimants. SMS is proving to be our most effective method of communication.

Ian Clarke

Operations Program Manager, Capita PIP

Boomerang gave the opportunity to rapidly evaluate participants’ responses to messages and respond quickly to messages that failed to provide value to participants. The latter aspect is of particular importance for actively engaging patients with their healthcare enterprise.

James S Khan

Chair of the UCSF Research Administration board

The Boomerang intelligent SMS communication solution allows restaurateurs to quickly communicate with its customers without human intervention; bookings are confirmed in an instant enabling owners and managers to see real-time reservation updates.

Mike Edworthy

Service & Sales Director

The only software that we could find in the market that uses unique open SMS technology to manage all database updates and subsequent actions automatically.

Stephen Edwards

EMEA Project Manager