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Maintain a constant line of communication with vulnerable individuals working alone

Managing remote working and often vulnerable staff can be time consuming and costly, with no margin for error. Apps and bespoke software can be expensive to purchase and administer across a widespread user base (and rely on an individual installing and using an app, if they are using their own device). Boomerang’s solution for lone working is easily adopted and made instantly accessible to lone workers. If a lone worker has failed to respond to an automated message, alerts can be quickly escalated across individuals or teams, and via multiple communication channels, to ensure that immediate action is taken when every second counts.



  •  Access to template communication flows for different lone working scenarios
  •  Customise templates and build new communication flows to suit specific lone working requirements
  •  Restrict programme access to specific ‘known’ user groups or open to a wider community
  •  Automated engagement when registering a lone worker to identify key information such as their location
  •  Multi-channel engagement
  •  Automated escalation to a crisis management team


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  • Public facing risk - Discreetly trigger an alert in the face of threatening or intimidating behaviour
  • Fixed location check-in - Request responses to periodic messages from isolated workers and escalate by exception (no response received)
  • Emergency - Allows a lone worker to Initiate communications to relevant crisis teams when an emergency situation is identified
  • Mobile working - Allow mobile workers travelling between locations to log on or off to the lone worker program for the period required


  • Plug and Play – self-managed, out of the box solution for easy integration and rapid deployment
  • Provides constant visibility into safety of lone workers
  • Enables a rapid response to potential incidents
  • Fully configurable and flexible for use with multiple lone working scenarios
  • Accessibility – flexible control to allow access to known users or open user groups

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