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Communication is crucial to many aspects of the education sector and Boomerang's diverse range of messaging solutions can bring real value. Multi-channel notifications can be used to provide important information across a range of issues - from school closures and parent-teacher meetings to exam reminders. Escalated alerting can be integrated with IT monitoring systems to help reduce incident resolution times, whilst the process of recruiting volunteers can be fully automated. Furthermore, Boomerang also provides a solution allowing suspicious behaviour to be reported, that can trigger alerts to security staff.


Staff Welfare

Safeguard the welfare of staff working in isolated situations


Faster Communication in emergencies

Use multi-channel messaging to quickly communicate with parents and students en masse


Time & Cost savings

Use pre-defined message templates to save time and reduce administrative costs


Rapid Response

Reduce incident response times using inbound campaigns for reporting security incidents or events



Improve the availability of IT infrastructure by automating warnings and incident alerts


IT infrastructure monitoring - Automate and escalate communications in the event of a problem or failure


Lone working - Stay in touch with security staff working in isolation


Notifications - Parent-teacher meeting reminders, the information needed, exam reminders, school outings


Alerts - School closures, student illness, report absenteeism, security incidents


Recruitment - Automate recruitment of staff volunteering or registering interest in specific events


Ad-Hoc communications - Manage messaging between staff or communications with parents from an email client

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