Boomerang offers a range of products and tools dedicated to automated digital messaging. Our pricing is aimed at all types of organisations and so our product entry price is subscription-free to get started. Messaging can be purchased for as low as £0.027 per message.

boomMail provides access to Email-2-SMS and Email-2-Voice messaging from any email client or application

boomMail is messaging software that delivers compliant 1-way and 2-way email to SMS and voice messaging. It has been designed to help organisations provide a widespread user base with immediate access to digital messaging from their desktop, without the need to install 3rd party software or to provide training ensuring that auditable records of messages are kept.


  • Access to 1-way & 2-way broadcast messaging direct from an email client
  • Messaging with end users automatically organised by conversation threads
  • Fixed or dynamic sender Ids for 1-way messages
  • Multi-channel messaging over SMS, voice (text-to-speech) and mobile app
  • Replies returned to email client ‘inbox’
  • Global messaging delivery and international messaging using local SMS numbers
  • Manage user access, service settings and reporting from an online user interface



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  • Marketing & promotions - real-time offers, product launch, drive opt-ins, customer feedback
  • Real-time, interactive support for issue resolution & customer updates
  • Desktop communication hub for ad-hoc messaging and general communications
  • Transactional messaging - Order confirmations, collections, 2-Factor Authentication, alerts and notifications


  • Extend engagement through interactive conversational messaging
  • Instant access to desktop messaging for widespread user base with no training
  • Extend reach using multiple communication channels
  • Cost effective to implement and roll out
  • Compliant solution as all messages and responses are recorded

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