Seamless Messaging Solutions For Agriculture


An effective communication strategy is critical to addressing many day-to-day challenges. This could be responding to changes in environmental conditions, monitoring the welfare of crops and livestock or even finding an efficient and cost-effective method by which to recruit seasonal labour. Boomerang's suite of messaging solutions provides access to time-critical messaging that helps to drive automation into a number of everyday processes, substantially reducing both the time and cost of managing these processes manually.


Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs by introducing more efficient recruitment processes.


Increase Sales

Increase sales by broadcasting up-to-date information to customers.


Improve Engagement

Extended customer engagement through multi-channel messaging.


Limit product waste

Increase profitability by minimising damage to crops and produce.


Animal Welfare

Improve the welfare of animals through closer monitoring.


Lower operating costs

Reduce insurance premiums as stock is trackable.


Weather alerts - Use real-time information to help protect livestock and crops


Recruiting seasonal labour - Automating large scale recruitment for harvesting


Greenhouse monitoring alerts - Advising farmers when atmospheric conditions (light, heat etc) require attention


Marketing produce - Up to the minute info to buyers for fresh produce


Alerts from animal collars - Providing farmers with invaluable information on behaviour of their livestock


Knowledge share by SMS - Helping fledgling farmers with tips on diversification, new farming techiques, saving livestock etc.

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