Seamless Messaging Solutions For Recruitment


The process of recruiting a large number of candidates for a large-scale event can be arduous and manually intensive without the right communication tools. From setting the required number of candidates to grouping candidates by their response, through to managing event reminders and drop-outs, Boomerang's recruitment solution helps to automate the end-to-end communication process.


Cost Saving

Reduce operational overheads by automating the process of identifying candidates, Improve the experience of candidates by proactively providing real-time updates (interviews, application statuses etc)


Improve Operational Efficiency

Use our bespoke software to remove manual involvement in the fulfillment of vacancies for large scale events


Create Additional channels of Communication

Use multi-channel messaging to engage with candidates via their preferred communication method


Close Vacancies Faster

Accelerate the pace of engagement to keep ahead in a fast-moving environment


Candidate management - Identify eligible candidates via bulk 2-way communications


Event Management - Set candidate quotas for each event and automate reminders to candidates


Reserve lists - Use reserve lists to replace last minute drop outs or no shows


Interviews - Schedule candidate meetings and interviews


Inbound Campaigns - Allow candidates to register interest via SMS campaigns


Candidate filtering - Filter candidates by skill sets and experience

Our Case Studies

How our solution helped companies in UK and worldwide

Don’t just take our word for it, see how we’ve already helped global clients, like the University of San Francisco and the British Army, to streamline their communications, reducing administrative burdens and significantly improving productivity.

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