Seamless Messaging Solutions For Finance


As the financial sector is one of the most heavily regulated the need for recorded auditable communications between staff, stakeholders and their customers is essential. Boomerang offers solutions aimed specifically at helping communication with customers, streamlining administrative processes and supporting critical infrastructure; helping organisations fulfill their corporate responsibilities and legislative compliance.


Account status alerts / Updates

Issue payment reminders, statements and chase overdue payments, easing the pressure call centre staff


Prevent overdraft / Account charges

Issue reminder requesting payment before charges are incurred;


Account Payments

Allow customers to pay via SMS and use 2-way SMS to authorise balance transfers between accounts


Desktop Messaging

Provide staff with the ability to message from their email client with all messaging recorded and auditable


2-Factor Authentication

Use 2FA security to approve customer account access


Fraud Alerts

Notify customers of potentially fradulent transactions, providing a reply option to approve or decline


Stock / Investment Alerts

Distribute up to the minute information on investment opportunities


Monitor critical IT infrastructure

Automate and escalate communications in the event of a problem or failure


Empower customers to manage their finances using real-time alerts and notifications


Reduce fraud by issuing transaction verification messages to account holders (Globally)


Manage inbound enquiries by SMS to provide customers with an alternative support channel and reduce wait times


Improve customer satisfaction and retention through pro-active communications


Use multi-factor authentication to verify the identity of the account holder via telephone


Connect IT infrastructure to Boomerang's incident alerting service to minimise disruption to critical IT services


Track account activity easily. For customers, text banking represents a convenient way to track account activity in real-time. Once a customer opts-in to your service, you are free to them send text alerts or useful information.


Generate new contacts (and clients). Your bank’s dedicated mobile number can be advertised on various public materials and displayed in the branch. This will encourage new people to subscribe to your SMS subscriber list.


Innovative banking at the customer’s fingertips. Set yourself apart from competitors with a rich set of innovative transactions that go beyond text alerts or basic balance checks.


Automatic text alerts in case of network issues. You can automatically notify customers of possible bank login, fraud, or account verification problems with the bulk texting feature. This solution is faster than calling clients manually.


Improve customer loyalty. A friendly thank you message or follow-up after an agreement will help you improve customer relations. Meaningful engagement can also be facilitated with personalized and relevant mobile experiences.


Amplify the effectiveness of email campaigns. If you are also using email campaigns to attract new customers, you will be happy to know that you can combine it with SMS functionality. This will reduce the number of unread emails and help you reach a larger audience.

Case Studies

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Don’t just take our word for it, see how we’ve already helped global clients, like the University of San Francisco and the British Army, to streamline their communications, reducing administrative burdens and significantly improving productivity.

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