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Organisations providing telecommunication services are often dealing with a large customer base, the retention of which is key to survival. Boomerang offers a range of solutions that extend and improve the 2-way engagement process with customers, delivering convenience, choice and a frictionless experience. Whether coordinating the communications relating installations of services, announcing offers or providing customer support, Boomerang's suite of products delivers a seamless integration between an organisation and its customers.


Better Service Delivery

Use feedback from installations to improve service delivery/engineer performance



Improve service availability and compliance with customer SLAs via automated alerts


Duty of care

Safeguard the welfare of staff working in isolated situations


Reduce Operation Costs

Avoid wasted resources by automating appointment scheduling and re-scheduling


Workforce efficiency

Use lone worker monitoring to increase area coverage (as no need to double-up staff)


Service installations - Automate the appointment engagement process with both customer and engineer


Service outages - Use monitoring alerts to trigger and escalate communications to engineers


Outage notifications - Streamline communications of incident updates to customers using incident templates


Lone working - Stay in touch with engineers working in isolation


Payments - Issue invoices and provide customers with a seamless transition to a payment gateway


Debt recovery - Issue payment reminders and provide option to transition straight to a payment gateway

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