Business Development

Sales Promotions & Marketing

Adopting a multi-channel approach to promotional activities helps to extend reach and drive engagement. Boomerang’s solution for sales promotion and marketing is easily integrated with existing CRM systems and allows an organisation to broadcast information via the recipient’s preferred communication method. Embedding links and promotional codes in messages also allows time-critical promotions to be subscribed to, based on a user’s response. Allowing users to respond to campaigns also helps to build a more accurate profile for future promotional activity or to opt-out.



  • Extend reach via multi-channel communications
  • Increase conversion rates using 2-way messaging to drive engagement
  • Extend traction by communicating via an end user’s preferred method
  • Embed into incumbent CRM applications to minimise disruption to working processes

Product Launch

As we dedicate an increasing amount of attention towards the screen of our mobile devices, organisations with exciting news about the launch of a new product or service, need to be able to capitalise on this. Boomerang’s suite of multi-channel messaging solutions, extends both reach and engagement, allowing organisation’s to communicate via several mobile channels, whilst also offering end-users the ability to interact seamlessly over their preferred channel, using Intelligent 2-way messaging. Boomerang’s messaging solutions deliver penetration, whilst providing a convenient method of engagement.



  • Extend reach using multi-channel communications
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase engagement by allowing customers to use their preferred channel
  • Quickly reach a mass audience
  • Generate leads for future campaigns

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Converting quotations into orders is a critical milestone in the sales process. For organisations that operate in a competitive market place, ensuring that the approval process is seamless and easy for the customer, can drastically improve conversion rates. Using Boomerang’s Intelligent 2-way messaging leverages the penetration delivered via SMS, whilst providing the customer with the ability to formally approve the quote by responding directly to the SMS message. Furthermore, escalation processes can be automated so reminders are sent for quotes still pending approval.


  • Increase penetration using SMS based quotes
  • Automate approval processes using Intelligent 2-way messaging
  • Increase conversion rates through response based approval
  • Automate reminder messages to pending quotes and increase conversion
  • Provide a convenient method of engagement for customers


Customer retention is the lifeblood of any organisation looking to expand and increase revenues. As such it is crucial that any potential barriers to automating the renewal process are removed, to maintain a healthy conversion rate. Boomerang’s automated renewal program creates a seamless process, allowing the customer to accept renewal quotes and pay for the renewal of services through a single engagement. Where the customer is required to accept terms and conditions, our solution for mobile document signing can be incorporated into this engagement, driving commitment and substantially reducing the risk of a customer looking elsewhere.


  • Fulfil the renewal process through a single engagement to increase conversion rates
  • Use SMS to drive immediate engagement
  • Automate renewal reminders to customers to increase conversions
  • Provide a convenient method of engagement for customers – completing renewals from the mobile device

Inbound Marketing

Driving prospects to your organisation is crucial to new business development, and whilst outbound marketing campaigns are often the preferred route, they are not the only one. Boomerang’s Inbound SMS Campaign solution is easily integrated with existing CRM systems and provides a different channel via which new enquiries can be directed to your organisation. Advertising short codes or long numbers is a great method by which to capture prospect data, allowing end users to engage immediately, if a campaign resonates with them. Inbound campaigns provide a successful channel via which end users can for example, register their interest in a service or product, request availability, make a booking, request information about your organisation (e.g. opening times, nearest location etc) or even opt-in to receive marketing communications. As the engagement is driven by the prospect, the opportunity to convert an enquiry into new business increases substantially.



  • Increase lead generation by allowing end users to drive the engagement using a convenient channel
  • Low barrier to entry using SMS short codes
  • Quickly gauge campaign success based incoming traffic (to avoid wasted costs)
  • Campaigns can be provisioned quickly and at minimal cost reducing risk
  • Automate processes to reduce operating costs, by integrating campaigns with current systems