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A business SMS solution that streamlines everyday communications

Business SMS has proved to be one of the most effective channels of communications, offering by far the best delivery success, read rates and responsiveness of any corporate messaging solution. Utilising SMS for business communications increases penetration and extends reach. With a toolkit of products that leverage the benefits of SMS, Boomerang delivers the ideal text messaging service for business, offering solutions to help a range of functions – from IT, Operations and compliance to sales and marketing. Business SMS can be used for time-critical and event based alerts (such as weather and traffic alerts or IT monitoring), it can extend the depth of customer engagement by delivering fully interactive customer journeys, it can also be used to drive business development through direct promotions and effective customer retention strategies.

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  • API
  • SMTP
  • GUI
  • CRM Plug-in


  • Boomerang
  • boomAlert
  • boomMail