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Automation and escalation of critical communications

Each passing minute during an incident can impose a significant financial and reputational cost upon an organisation, so the response to an incident must be managed in a timely and efficient manner. boomAlert is critical alerting software that automates the end-to-end management of critical incident communications by allowing customers to build bespoke communication workflows, to meet the requirements of each type of critical event. Offering ease of integration, boomAlert is an ideal bolt-on for M2M messaging workflows and service monitoring applications.


  • Customise communication workflows to meet the requirements of different critical events
  • Access to multiple communication channels (SMS, Email, Voice, and Mobile app)
  • Integrate with existing systems for M2M alerting and application monitoring
  • Automate escalation across different messaging channels to non-responders
  • Hunt for acknowledgments by escalating across contacts or groups of contacts
  • Count responses for processes requiring quota fulfilment
  • Use fully interactive messaging to engage with responders
  • Issue updates during an incident containing real-time incident MI
  • Access an incident dashboard to track live progress


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  • IT alerting - Push monitoring alerts to boomAlert to automate communications to engineers & use responses to provide real-time updates
  • Weather alerts - Activate Met Office weather alerts and distribute to contacts in affected regions based on the severity level
  • Business continuity - Co-ordinate communications with staff and stakeholders during different Business Continuity scenarios
  • Lone working - Maintain constant liaison with lone workers and escalate where contact is lost
  • Call-in / mustering - Co-ordinate resources using interactive, rapid response communications
  • Product withdrawal - Manage communications with the shop floor, PR, legal, etc from a single platform to provide a timely and cohesive response


  • Minimise the impact of an incident by providing an instant response through targeted communications
  • Reduce operating costs and improve productivity by automating incident communications
  • Improve efficiency of incident management by ensuring the right person has access to the right information exactly when they need it
  • Maintain compliance with SLAs by reducing incident resolution times
  • Fulfil duty of care compliance by adopting an end-to-end solution for Lone working
  • Improve productivity by issuing pre-emptive weather warnings to mobile staff

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