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Boomerang has made fantastic headway into the Defence sector, by winning the Enterprise Flash Messaging contract with the British Army. Several of Boomerang's products are currently being used to meet the Army's diverse range of communication requirements, which have helped to drive a high degree of automation into processes that were previously consuming a huge amount of manual effort. We are ready and capable of extending this capability internationally, and from our experience with the British Army, can provide the support, security and confidence required to meet the demand of international military services.


Improved Responsiveness

Automating communications to broadcast real-time information in critical situations


Operational Efficiency

Huge reduction in manual heavy processes saving time and reducing costs



Fulfil duty of care requirements through real-time communications


Improved data integrity

Easy maintenance of accurate contact data, from a single location


Extend engagement

Benefit from improved engagement through multi-channel, interactive communications


Mustering Personnel - Automate recall to base communications across multiple channels


Duty of Care - Maintaining real-time communications with lone workers and personnel on maternity leave


Case Management - Utilising conversational SMS to manage case communications


Training - Selection for training courses and distribution of related information (course dates, reminders, cancellations)


Medical Appointments - Automate appointment reminders and management of cancellations


Crisis Communications - Co-ordinating personnel and distribution of automated updates


Recruitment - Capture candidate data at recruitment events and maintain ongoing communications


Data consolidation - Maintaining up to date contact information for reservists

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