Seamless Messaging Solutions For Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Effective communication with customers is key to delivering best-in-class service in a highly congested market place; and pro-active communication is key to retaining business. Whether keeping customers up-to-speed with the tariffs most suited to their usage, providing alerts based on the consumption of services, or offering a more convenient method by which to pay their bills, Boomerang's range of communications solutions makes it easy to engage effectively.


Improve Customer Insight

Use feedback from service visits which can be used to improve engineer performance


Cost Savings

Reduce the cost of missed appointments using automated appointment scheduling


Reduce Outstanding Debt

Reduce debtors by offering customers a mobile payment solution


Improve Customer Experience

Minimise risk to customers by proactively sending important safety information (leaks, smoke or CO detection)


Accurate Reporting

Improve billing accuracy by offering different channels for customers to submit readings


Improve Accessibility

Help customers to manage their bills by triggering usage alerts


Meter readings - Allow monthly readings to be submitted by SMS


Tariff changes - Notify customer reaching end of fixed period and promote alternative tariffs - offer reply option to accept


Statements / reminders - Issue statements and reminders to customers when payment overdue


Bill payments - Allow customers to pay a bill via SMS


Usage alerts - Notify customers when consumption of services reaches pre-defined usage thresholds


Installation & maintenance services - Automate the appointment management process between engineers and customers


Manage support requests - Triage support requests over SMS and provide automated solutions to customer enquiries


Safety awareness - Provide customers with important safety information and issue updates relating to service disruption

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