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Local Authority

Local authorities are under pressure to find more efficient ways of working, provide more self-service options and to make it easier for the public to engage to access the services provided. Furthermore, there is also the need to communicate more proactively with the public to promote the services that are available and to be able to quickly respond if these services are affected by issues. Boomerang can help to drive proactive communication into areas such as waste collection, service disruption and council tax reminders. Our solutions also add a layer of automation, helping to reduce the administrative workload across appointment and supplier management. By also providing alternative methods via which to manage inbound enquiries, pressure on contact centres can be reduced and access to services can be provided in a manner that is convenient to the end user.


Cost Saving

Reduce the cost of missed appointments by using automated appointment scheduling


Reduce Outstanding Debt

Reduce outstanding debt by offering interactive mobile payment solutions


Operational Efficiency

Increase automation of resource management processes


Duty of Care & Compliance

Keep all interested parties up to date through effective business continuity communications


Optimise Resources

Improve waste collection efficiency using collection reminders


Business Continuity

Keep all interested parties up to date through effective business continuity communications


Appointment Management - Automate scheduling across a range of activities from planning applications to property repairs


Reminders - Issue reminders for waste collection, re-scheduled collections, council tax/rent payments due


Mobile Payments - Provide access to payment gateway from reminder messages (purchasing services, paying council tax etc.)


Rostering - Automate the process of recruiting and scheduling staff across a range of services (cleaning, transportation, catering etc.)


Business Continuity and incident communications - Automate the activation of pre-defined communications during a business continuity event

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