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Automatically manage incident communications

Organisations looking to take the heat out of critical incidents through effective communications should look no further than boomInform.  It provides all the tools required to ensure that the end-to-end communications can be distributed quickly, efficiently and error free.  By cleverly linking company assets, contacts associated to those assets and the message templates to be used when an incident occurs, the process of initiating and updating communications over the course of an incident is seamless, helping to reduce stress when the pressure is on.


  • Create assets that could be affected by an incident (e.g. service, building) and associate message templates and contacts
  • Define communication policies to determine the frequency of automated incident updates and the communication channels used
  • Access to multiple communication channels (SMS, Email, Voice & Mobile app)
  • Create incidents and customise incident attributes (e.g. severity, impact, description) which can be inserted into your incident communications
  • Customise communications to different contact groups during an incident using multiple templates
  • Remote activation of incidents by SMS, Email and HTTP
  • Send manual updates as required advising on incident progress/status
  • Access to an incident dashboard to track the incident status


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  • IT outages - Notify and update customers during service outages
  • Business continuity - Co-ordinate communications with staff and external stakeholders during different BC scenarios
  • Time critical information - Distribute time critical information / procedures to stakeholders across multiple channels
  • Alerting - Distribute alerts and warnings to mobile staff (weather alerts, traffic updates)


  • Maintain compliance with support policy SLAs avoiding paying service credits
  • Quickly co-ordinate and distribute incident communications from a central location
  • Improve productivity through efficient use of resources
  • Reduce incident resolution times through improved communication
  • Improve efficiency of incident management by using real-time data to make informed decisions


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