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Boomerang offers a range of products and tools dedicated to automated digital messaging. Our pricing is aimed at all types of organisations and so our product entry price is subscription-free to get started. Messaging can be purchased for as low as £0.027 per message.

Boomerang's plug-in enables instant access to 1-way and 'Intelligent' 2-way, SMS and voice messaging from Dynamics 365

Traditionally, SMS communications between Dynamics and an organisation’s stakeholders have served to notify and inform, rather than interact and automate. Boomerang’s plug-in overcomes this limitation, brining dynamic messaging to 365 by ensuring that all SMS activities and their associated responses are always matched. By leveraging Boomerang’s patented 2-way SMS technology, an SMS reply is now capable of driving real-time automation into a whole range of Dynamics workflow management.

  • 1-way, 2-way and ‘Intelligent’ conversational messaging
  • Responses are matched to the originating SMS Activity
  • Accessible via Dynamics ‘Processes’ for workflow automation
  • Global messaging with using reply numbers local to the destination of delivery
  • Compatible with Online or On-Premises
  • Inbound campaigns – Receive end-user initiated messages into queues
  • Create ad-hoc, user generated messages via Boomerang messaging form
  • Social hours messaging – Messages are only sent between specified times
  • Secure data – Restrict access to sensitive data to specified users for data protection compliance


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  • Dynamic scheduling - Fulfilment and cancellation of deliveries, appointments, bookings
  • Workforce management - Shift planning, field force automation, recruitment
  • Incident management - Outages, service disruption, business continuity processes
  • Customer experience management - Instant authentication, fast tracking, debt recovery
  • Surveys - Create interactive surveys
  • Service desk support - Create threads for ticket updates to end users and responses and notify agents of updates
  • Sales enquiries - Create threads to interact with end users to manage new enquiries
  • Prospect management - Create threads to drive deeper relationships with prospects
  • Marketing - Qualify and drive deeper engagements


  • Extend the communication reach from Dynamics by adding SMS and voice messaging
  • Use Intelligent 2-way SMS to automate workflows between Dynamics and your stakeholders
  • Reduce operational overheads through increased automation from Dynamics
  • Use inbound SMS queues to field end user enquiries (support requests, enquiries etc.)
  • Provide Dynamics users with immediate access to SMS for ad-hoc messaging
  • Improve end user satisfaction by offering a convenient method of engagement
  • Drive deeper engagements with end users through conversational messaging
  • Optimise customer engagement using most effective comms channel

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