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Types of partner

Combined Reseller

Enhance existing software applications with Boomerang's Intelligent messaging capability and build automation into everyday business processes; allowing customers to reduce their operational overheads, whilst improving end user satisfaction.

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Resell Boomerang's innovative range of products and messaging solutions and provide your customers with access to marketing leading messaging applications that fulfil a wide range of use cases. We offer white labelling options and full support and training through our Partner team.

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Use Boomerang's product set set to build custom communication solutions that address common problems across your customer base. Once developed, our software makes it easy to quickly roll out and manage these solutions for your customers.

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Programme Benefits

Our experience has shown that a partner relationship with Boomerang can deliver the following:

  • Longevity Extend the life of your applications or customer’s software and enhance the stickiness of your product
  • Competitive advantage: Make your product that much more compelling within your market sector
  • Digital transformation Generate chargeable consultancy opportunities in the design and development or re- engineering your customer's application
  • Revenue Generate revenue from messaging activity, subscriptions and consultancy

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Boomerang's Partner Programme

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Boomerang’s partner programme will enable you to increase the value, longevity and capability of your customers’ applications or your own software applications by utilising Boomerang’s Intelligent Messaging.

As a partner of Boomerang you have the ability to work with clients of all sizes, from SME to Enterprise and move to a cloud commission model which will give monthly recurring revenues.

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Business Fulfilment

Intelligent Messaging allows Boomerang’s products to complete a range of business processes from start to finish, bridging the ‘last mile’ to your customers and stakeholders.

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Alerting & Reminders

Alerts and reminders are a key component of day-to-day business operations and vital to service continuity. When managed efficiently, substantial savings in cost and time can be achieved.

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Customer Engagement

Extending engagement to a wider range of  channels gives customers choice whilst extracting more from each engagement, drives down the cost to serve and improves retention.

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Business Development

An effective communication strategy is crucial to business development. Using Boomerang to automate communication across a range of activities will drive up campaign response rates and improve retention.

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Sectors we work with

Resell, develop and distribute Boomerang services.

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