Business Fulfilment

Customer Support Management

Build fully interactive customer journeys to automate engagement across multi-channel, instant messaging solutions; creating a seamless experience for the end user whilst reducing an organisation’s cost to serve.


  • Build multi-layered, interactive customer journeys
  • Improve customer quality assurance through qualified feedback
  • SMS and Voice engagements (with additional channels to follow)
  • ‘Hot-key’ selection for immediate divert of urgent or critical requests
  • Real-time data ‘look-up’ from Boomerang system data or third party systems
  • Summary of every engagement sent to a designated department (for agent follow-up)
  • Allow customers to schedule a call back and connect them with an agent at the agreed time

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Shift Planning

Automate the shift fulfilment process to increase occupancy and remove a costly layer of administration.


  • Track responses against specified quotas and automatically schedule those resources
  • Trigger reminders to scheduled resources prior to the event start date
  • Automated updates issued if the availability status of an individual changes
  • Create recurring events spanning a long time period
  • Reserve lists created automatically and used to replace any individuals that cancel

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Debt Recovery

An automated debt recovery solution that completes the process from start to finish is invaluable to organisations spending a huge amount of manual time and effort on reducing debtors.


  • Automate payment reminder messages for invoices that are due or overdue
  • Triage the customer’s ability to pay the invoice using automated qualifying questions
  • Embed a link to a payment gateway in messages, allowing customers to pay
  • Automatically refer customers that can’t pay to an agent to set up a repayment plan
  • Connect customers to an agent from the same engagement

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Workforce Recruitment

Adopt a multi-channel solution that can automate the communication and fulfilment process for any opportunities requiring large scale personnel to eliminate a substantial admin overhead


  • Automate event based fulfilment by tracking responses against specified quotas
  • Allocate individuals to events based on their response
  • Trigger reminders to scheduled resources prior to the event start date
  • Automated updates issued if the availability status of an individual changes
  • Create recurring events spanning a long time period
  • Reserve lists created automatically and used to replace any resources that cancel

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Appointment & Reservation Management

Automate your booking management processes by transforming appointment reminders into a fully automated fulfilment processes, to maximise occupancy and reduce no shows.


  • Send an appointment reminder containing options to ‘Confirm’ or ‘Cancel’ the proposed date and time
  • Automatically schedule the booking if the recipient confirms
  • Send the recipient alternative dates and times if the elect to cancel
  • Issue the vacated appointment to a reserve list of customers
  • Allow the recipient to update their appointment with supplementary information
  • Automate a reminder prior to the confirmed date

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Crisis Management - Recalls

Limit the impact of a recall situation, through effective planning and automation of multi-channel communications across your organisation.  A clear and coherent communication strategy is vital to preventing a PR disaster.


  • Pre-define communication workflows geared to the needs of each business function
  • Remotely activate communications to remove the defective product as quickly as possible
  • Create a hierarchy based escalation path within each business function
  • Provide response options to secure approval for required actions
  • Co-ordinate communications with affected customers

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Automate communications to high-readiness personnel and critical staff, reducing the time and effort taken to mobilise staff through a multi-channel approach.


  • Remotely activate pre-defined communication processes from anywhere in the world
  • Blast simultaneous communications across different channels or escalate by channel
  • Automate escalation between individuals or groups based on chain-of-command
  • Allow recipients to respond to confirm their availability and ETA
  • Use real-time reports for immediate visibility and insight into the status of an incident

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Service Disruption

Disruption to services can occur at any time and with little notice.  As such, organisations with an automated communication strategy can minimise the impact upon its customers, through proactive, real-time information.


  • Distribute warnings to customers where there is a threat of disruption
  • Provide workarounds or direct customers to resources providing status updates
  • Automate important status updates to affected customers in real-time
  • Automate the re-booking process for cancellations using intelligent 2-way messaging
  • Allow customers to initiate engagements to request status updates

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Business Continuity

Build a communication strategy that enables the rapid, co-ordinated distribution of communications when an organisation is affected by a business continuity event, to safeguard the welfare of employees and keep relevant stakeholders informed.


  • Create assets that could be affected by an event (e.g. service, building, IT system) and associate message templates and contacts
  • Define communication policies to determine the frequency of automated incident updates and the communication channels used
  • Access multiple communication channels (SMS, Email voice and mobile app)
  • Create incidents and customise incident attributes (e.g. severity, impact, description) and insert details into incident communications
  • Create dynamic distribution lists in real-time, based on selected criteria
  • Customise communications to different contact groups during an incident using multiple templates

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Service Outages

Prevent incidents through the automated distribution of warnings and limit the impact of critical incidents, through effective planning and automation of multi-channel communications.


  • Build communication workflows to co-ordinate communications for each type of critical event
  • Integrate with existing monitoring services to automate the activation of communications
  • Incorporate multiple communication channels (SMS, Email, voice and mobile app)
  • Automate escalation across different messaging channels to non-responders
  • Issue real-time updates to management based on status updates from engineers
  • Access an incident dashboard to track the ongoing status of an incident

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Field Force Automation

Using automated intelligent messaging simplifies the process of co-ordinating a distributed workforce and streamlining the appointment fulfilment process.


  • Integrate ‘Intelligent Messaging’ with existing field force management systems
  • Broadcast new appointments to the mobile workforce
  • Process responses to allocate work to individuals on first-come-first-served or quota basis
  • Issue multiple simultaneous appointment opportunities to individuals
  • Co-ordinate pre-appointment reminders to both the mobile workforce and customer

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Delivery Service Management

Introducing an automated delivery fulfilment process allows consignees to easily control the scheduling of their delivery from a single conformation message, helping to reduce the huge costs incurred by missed or failed deliveries.


  • Send a reminder containing options to cancel, re-schedule or divert the delivery
  • Send the consignee alternative dates and times if they elect to cancel
  • Issue real-time updates to drivers based on updates from the consignee
  • Allow the consignee to update their delivery with supplementary information
  • Automate updates to the consignee regarding expected time of delivery

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Duty of Care

The simple deployment a multi-channel solution for lone working, allows organisations to maintain a constant line of communication with vulnerable individuals working alone with no administrative overhead.

  •  Access to template communication flows for different lone working scenarios
  •  Customise templates and build new communication flows to suit specific lone working requirements
  •  Restrict programme access to specific ‘known’ user groups or open to a wider community
  •  Automated engagement when registering a lone worker to identify key information such as their location
  •  Multi-channel engagement with single lone workers or groups of workers
  •  Automated escalation to a crisis management team




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