Seamless Messaging Solutions For Security


When security is compromised, a swift and effective response is required to mitigate the impact. Boomerang's solution for incident communications automates the escalation of communications so that when something unexpected happens, time-critical information is dispersed to the relevant stakeholders without delay so that immediate action can be taken. As Boomerang can track all replies, recipients can provide status updates regarding their safety, allowing resources to be targeted at the real areas of need.


Staff Welfare

Safeguard the welfare of staff working in isolated situations


Improve Customer Service

Reduce issue resolution times through automated monitoring and escalation of alerts


Improve SLAs

Maintain compliance with expected service levels by rapidly automating communications to impacted stakeholders


Streamline Staffing Requirements

Use lone worker monitoring to increase area coverage (as no need to double-up staff)


Better Response Times

Reduce incident response times using inbound campaigns for reporting security incidents or events


Lone working - Stay in touch with security staff working in isolation


Alarms - Automatically escalate communications to relevant staff when alarm triggered


Mass communication - Broadcast emergency communications for major incidents


Integrate Boomerang with CCTV monitoring to trigger motion based alerts


Use Boomerang's inbound communication platform to report incidents or suspicious behaviour

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