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An out-of-the-box solution enabling automated distribution of real-time alerts from the Highways Agency, by region, route and road.

Providing traffic alerts in advance of a journey or event minimises disruption, helps to keep staff safe and avoids wasted time. The frustrations associated to spending time stuck in traffic are plentiful; an important meeting could be missed, a late delivery could delay a large order, whilst arriving late for a flight could prove extremely costly. Using real-time alerts to provide details of congestion, accidents and roadworks on planned routes, is vital to journey planning; helping to remove stress, bolster employee productivity and preventing rash decision making.



  •  Receive and process real-time traffic updates from the Highways Agency
  •  Access to a wide range of incident reporting criteria – congestion, accidents, roadworks,
  •  Customise notifications to recipients based on matching relevant criteria – roads, routes, regions etc
  •  Escalate across multiple communication channels
  •  Compatible with BYOD (bring your own device), involving no software or training
  •  Automate support workflows triggered by a recipient’s reply (e.g. need assistance)


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  • Corporate communications - Provide updates to mobile staff who are ‘on the road’
  • Logistics - Assist with journey planning to avoid disruption en route
  • Real-time updates issued to delivery drivers
  • Field management - Integrate with existing software to improve journey planning between appointments
  • Emergency services - Avoid disruptions en-route to emergency situations


  • Improve employee productivity through advanced planning
  • Keep mobile employees safe
  • Distribute targeted alerts to those employees likely to be impacted to reduce overheads
  • Reduce missed or late deliveries through improved journey planning
  • Improve responsiveness using alerts to help calculate quickest routes
  • Quickly extend communication reach to a wider audience, incorporating BYOD
  • Reduce employee stress and frustration

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