Customer Engagement

Information Requests

Automating the process of dealing with a standard service request, reduces pressure on contact centres and frees up staff to be available to resolve more challenging issues. Boomerang can deliver an out of the box solution which is easily connected to existing applications, to automate the process of dealing with requests for information. This covers a variety of different enquiries, ranging from nearest location (using a postcode look-up) or account balances to opening times, all of which can be satisfied instantly and without the need for human intervention.

  • Deliver an instant response to fulfil customer requests for information, removing wait times
  • Improve issue resolution times by freeing staff to deal with more complex issues
  • Prevent recurring enquiries by providing information digitally that can be stored on a device

Booking Requests

Removing barriers to new customer business is a challenge that organisations must overcome to remain profitable, especially those in a competitive market place. Boomerang’s solution for managing reservation requests, can be quickly integrated with incumbent systems, making it easy for customers to check availability and make bookings, without having to download an App, be online or make a phone call. Boomerang helps to extend engagement by offering additional communication channels that provide a convenient way for customers to access services.


  • Automate the booking management process to reduce operational costs
  • Provide a seamless mobile engagement to increase conversions
  • SMS engagement allows the user to manage their reservations
  • Automate booking reminders to minimise unfulfilled bookings
  • Provide additional channels via which customers can request availability


Boomerang’s solution for Customer Experience Management, provides a tool that allows multi-layered surveys to be easily configured and deployed. Building dynamic, fully interactive user journeys makes it easier to obtain accurate feedback, by offering multiple response options to each question, which branch out to create seamless journeys based on how the end-user responds to each question. Surveys can be deployed over multiple channels (SMS, IVR and Bot), allowing end-users to engage via their preferred communication method.


  • Improve customer retention by obtaining accurate and meaningful feedback
  • Increase engagement by allowing customers to use their preferred channel
  • Improve customer experience by allowing the user with a grievance to divert directly to an agent

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Instant Authentication (OTP & 2FA)

Building security into application access controls and identity management is crucial to protecting customer data and safeguarding against fraudulent activity. Boomerang’s Intelligent Messaging can be easily integrated with existing systems to issue real-time alerts with single-use passwords, helping an organisation to verify the identity of a service user or customer, whether it be via telephone or when accessing an online account.


  • Reduce the reputation and financial impact of fraud
  • Build services and applications that are compliant with information security standards
  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data
  • Improve customer retention by demonstrating secure practices


Canvassing for feedback can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and inconvenient. Boomerang’s messaging solutions for stakeholder engagement have been designed to provide frictionless engagement via dynamic user journeys. Ensuring that each new question triggered has a direct correlation with the end user’s response to the previous question, takes the end-user on a logical journey via which, their feedback can be accurately qualified. The analytical data resulting from this type of engagement is invaluable to future investments in areas such as product delivery, customer support, day-to-day operational processes etc.


  • Extend engagement by offering a convenient channel to provide feedback
  • Elicit stakeholders’ ‘real’ feedback using qualified questioning
  • Generate invaluable analytical data
  • Quickly modify user journeys to improve end-user traction
  • Reduce canvassing costs