Seamless Messaging Solutions For Insurance


Regular communication with customers is essential to winning new business, processing claims and securing policy renewals. Boomerang's suite of communication products helps organisations to engage seamlessly with its customers, via their preferred communication channel, whilst empowering them to authorise renewals, provide information or make payments without breaking away from that channel.


Improve collection efficiency

Control debtors by providing frictionless payment mechanism


Increase Sales

Increase conversion rates by providing frictionless process to accept T&Cs


Targeted Marketing

Generate new business through targeted real-time promotions


Reduce costs

Reduce operational overheads by automating agent / customer appointments


Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and retention through proactive communications.


Renewals - Publish renewal quotes and automate the acceptance process


Promotions - Use preferred communication channels to offer loan rates, new products


Payments - Seamless transition from accepting a quote to making payment via mobile payment platform


T&Cs - Allow customers to accept legal terms from their mobile device


Appointment management - Automate the appointment management process between agent and customer


Claim management - Issue progress updates to customers and empower them to provide additional information

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Don’t just take our word for it, see how we’ve already helped global clients, like the University of San Francisco and the British Army, to streamline their communications, reducing administrative burdens and significantly improving productivity.

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