boomApp Weather

An out-of-the-box solution enabling automated distribution of real-time weather warnings from the Met Office, based on region and severity.

Ensuring the safety of staff, stakeholders and other valuable assets is vitally important to any organisation and is a responsibility that must be taken seriously at both a corporate and individual level. Using boomApp – Weather, provides immediate access to automated Met Office alerts that are distributed to stakeholders who are vulnerable to changing weather conditions. Alerts are tailored specifically to affected stakeholders, based on both the region and the severity of the alert. It is also possible to accept replies which can be used to trigger extended communication workflows (e.g. escalation to support teams or emergency services).



  • Recieve real time meteorogical office alerts and decide how you want to distribute the information
  • Receive and process real-time weather updates from the Met Office
  • Customise notifications to recipients based on matching relevant criteria – location and severity
  • Escalate alerts across multiple communication channels
  • Automate further support workflows triggered by a recipient’s reply (e.g. need assistance)


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  • Insurance - Issue pre-emptive warnings advising policyholders to protect assets
  • Duty of care Protect - vulnerable or exposed workers affected by adverse weather
  • Utilities - Alert customers to the risk of potential outages to key services
  • Travel - Provide advanced warning to passengers of potential delays or cancellations
  • Agriculture - Use real-time information to help protect livestock and crops
  • Emergency services - Co-ordinate resources in advance of weather related emergencies
  • Govt & Local authority - Issue warnings to the public (risk of flooding, heatwave etc)


  • Fulfil corporate compliance and duty of care to staff by quickly assisting vulnerable staff
  • Minimise risk by empowering customers to take precautions
  • Reduce the financial impact of adverse weather by protecting assets
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction by providing proactive information
  • Manage the impact of disruption by empowering customers to make alternate arrangements
  • Protect public safety through proactive warnings and guidance
  • Reduce the impact of emergency situations through effective resource management

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