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Alerting & Reminders

Our range of alerting solutions allow an organisation to communicate critical information in real-time.

Business Fulfilment

Boomerang’s diverse product set allows an organisation to automate a range of business communication process,

Customer Engagement

Offering different methods by which customers, staff, and other stakeholders can engage with your organisation.

Business Development

Boomerang’s solutions for business development can be used to underpin communication strategies for business development and retention.

Value for partners

Combined Reseller

Enhance existing software applications with Boomerang’s Intelligent messaging capability and build automation into everyday business processes; allowing customers to reduce their operational overheads, whilst improving end-user satisfaction.


Resell Boomerang’s innovative range of products and messaging solutions and provide your customers with access to market-leading messaging applications that fulfil a wide range of use cases. We offer white labelling options and full support and training through our Partner team.


Use Boomerang’s product set to build custom communication solutions that address common problems across your customer base. Once developed, our software makes it easy to quickly roll out and manage these solutions for your customers.

Boomerang Products

We support a wide range of business sectors

Emergency Services

Emergency services rely on effective communications to carry out day-to-day operations and to effect a rapid response to emergency situations. Boomerang’s range of critical alerting solutions helps to improve response times through targeted, multi-channel communications and by automating the distribution and escalation of information, to help ensure that the relevant people have access to the right information, exactly when they need it. Additionally, our platform provides alternative channels by which information is received and processed, from weather and traffic alerts to reporting suspicious behavior, criminal acts or even as means by which stranded individuals can reach out.



As this financial sector is one of the most heavily regulated, the need for recorded, auditable communications between staff, stakeholders and their customers are essential. Boomerang offers solutions aimed specifically at helping communication with customers, streamlining administrative processes and supporting critical infrastructure; helping an organisation fulfill its corporate responsibilities and legislative compliance.



Boomerang has made fantastic headway into the Defence sector, by winning the Enterprise Flash Messaging contract with the British Army. We have gained a deep understanding of their needs and processes and have provided a range of products that are quickly adopted and deliver immediate benefits. Recall to base to critical alerts and notifications, managing medial appointments and training updates, inbound enquires to triage fulfillment, and much more. We are ready and capable of extending this capability internationally and from our experience with the British Army can provide the support, security, and confidence required by any countries military. 

Local Authorities

Local authorities are under pressure to find more efficient ways of working, provide more self-service options and make it easier for the public to engage to access the services provided. Furthermore, there is also the need to communicate more proactively with the public to promote the services that are available and to be able to quickly respond if these services are affected by issues. Boomerang can help to drive proactive communication into areas such as waste collection, service disruption, and council tax reminders. Our solutions also add a layer of automation, helping to reduce the administrative workload across appointment and supplier management. By also providing alternative methods via which to manage inbound inquiries, pressure on contact centers can be reduced and access to services can be provided in a manner that is convenient to the end-user.


Energy and Utilities

Effective communication with customers is key to delivering best-in-class service in a highly congested market place, and pro-active communication is key to retaining business. Whether keeping customers up-to-speed with the tariffs most suited to their usage, providing alerts based on the consumption of services, or offering a more convenient method by which to pay their bills, Boomerang’s range of communications solutions makes it easy to engage effectively.

Travel & Tourism

Customer satisfaction is critical to business retention in the travel and tourism sector. Organisations need to be agile when problems occur, giving customers information quickly, whilst offering a convenient way to make alternative arrangements. Boomerang’s Intelligent messaging, can be accessed online or easily integrated with CRM systems so that real-time information can be automatically dispersed to affected customers, but crucially, it can also empower them to re-schedule their booking from a mobile device, by replying to choose from a set of alternatives. Our solution for customer experience management also allows an organisation to easily build and distribute customer surveys from an online portal, to gather all-important feedback.

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