Boomerang offers a range of products and tools dedicated to automated digital messaging. Our pricing is aimed at all types of organisations and so our product entry price is subscription-free to get started. Messaging can be purchased for as low as £0.027 per message.

A smart messaging interface used to manage your mobile campaigns

Communicating with your target audience is simple and effective with boomCast.  It’s intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to build bulk broadcasts across a range of communication channels, helping to reduce the administrative burden, increase operational capacity and drive productivity.  boomCast combines a range of unique messaging features, including Boomerang’s patented ‘Intelligent’ 2-way messaging technology, which delivers a fully interactive messaging experience, proven to extend stakeholder engagement and make substantial improvements to the efficiency of business communications.


  • Access to 1-way and 2-way broadcast messaging
  • Replies are automatically matched to the originating campaign using Intelligent 2-way messaging
  • Multi-channel messaging over SMS, email, voice and mobile app
  • Interactive ‘Chat’ messaging
  • Reusable message templates for recurring campaigns
  • Remote activation of templates (via HTTP, SMS and email) with ability to inject variable data
  • Seamless integration with Email-2-SMS messaging
  • Inbound messaging campaigns using SMS short codes and long numbers
  • Scheduled messaging campaigns on ad-hoc or recurring basis
  • Global messaging delivery and international messaging using local SMS numbers



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  • Marketing & promotions - real-time offers, product launch, drive opt-ins & customer feedback
  • Transactional messaging - Order confirmations and collections, 2-Factor Authentication, alerts and notifications
  • Real-time support using ‘Chat’ - problem solving, customer updates
  • End user initiated engagement - customer enquiries, support requests, appointment requests, reporting events (e.g. suspicious behaviour, public hazards, traffic updates etc)
  • Scheduled reminders - Appointments & meetings, service expiration and renewals


  • Quickly distribute time-critical information to a widespread group of stakeholders
  • Extend engagement with end users using Intelligent 2-way messaging
  • Reduce operating costs by removing manual communication processes
  • Use preferred communication channels to generate greater response rates from recipients
  • Gain immediate insight into the success of bulk campaigns
  • Improve service continuity using automated renewal alerts
  • Reduce cost of DNAs using automated reminders (appointments, reservations etc)
  • Reduce the cost of international messaging using local numbers
  • Personalise bulk campaigns using variable tags within message templates


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