Seamless Messaging Solutions For Logistics


Whether a delivery is missed or a driver is stuck in traffic, the cost of wasted time eats heavily into profitability. Transport and logistics companies can use Boomerang for everything from mobile alerts to appointment management and automated scheduling (and re-scheduling) of deliveries, reducing operational costs whilst lifting customer service standards, through seamless mobile communication.


Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs of missed deliveries using automated re-scheduling


Improve the Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by allowing consignees to easily manage their deliveries


Improve Efficiency

Extend efficiency gains by optimising delivery loads / streamline warehouse management to increase capacity


Improve Operational Efficiency

Minimise debtors and improve cash flow position


Automate delivery management - Allow customers to automatically re-schedule deliveries via SMS


Status updates - Keep customers up to date with the delivery status


Personnel - Automate rostering management to co-ordinate driver shifts


Warehouse management - Allow staff to communicate important information internally to optimise delivery loads (e.g. room on vehicle)


Debt recovery - Issue invoice reminders and provide a seamless transition to payment gateway

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