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Boomerang’s focus on digital engagement delivers a unique perspective to the developer community. With its patented process of managing unique SMS communications by subject provides the ability for an unambiguous conversation over SMS allowing developers access to far deeper and broader automation to its customer’s communications whilst improving the experience of the end-user

Our messaging API

Our multi-functional, enterprise grade APIs make it easy for developers to access Boomerang’s services;
providing the ability to build Intelligent, multi-channel message workflows from existing applications and services.

Intelligent messaging

Why is this so important?

If you are a developing against a workflow trying to connect two conversations over SMS without a unique identifier for each you will have a problem. As SMS cannot carry a unique identifier in its protocols and you will end up having to develop workarounds across other comms methods to manage any subsequent communications whilst the first is unanswered. Boomerang have fixed this issue and guarantees any communications sent to it over it API’s with a unique identifier or subject will be correlated to its response irrespective of the number of messages or order of reply.

We know you are going to work it out, however, please remember we have patented the process globally and as such make it really easy for you to get to the tech without having to reinvent the wheel. Oh, and what’s more we are more than happy to share revenue with you as a partner.

Frictionless engagement

Why is this so important

With the ability to access intelligent messaging, you have the ability to build far deeper and more pertinent workflows, capable of achieving far greater engagement penetration over SMS and other communications methods. This in turn means that you have an edge on the other developers developing into communications processes, as you can deliver a more engaging and complete process.
How many times have we received a text message telling us to call back or log-on to a service? With intelligent messaging and the delivery of frictionless engagement, you can engage with the end-user over the communications, they are on and react to without having to inconvenience them…. frictionlessly.

Boomerang can do the heavy lifting, by accessing its technological capabilities and communications processes through its API's all you need do is connect to Boomerang, call a process,
send us the data and we will manage the rest sending you back the processed information making light work of what is usually a complicated process.


Microsoft Connector

Rest API

Our custom connector is a wrapper around the Boomerang Messaging REST API that allows Microsoft Logic Apps, Power Automate, or Power Apps to communicate with Boomerang to carry out a range of messaging functions.

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Direct API


Boomerang’s RESTful API delivers an ideal blend of security, functionality and performance whilst providing access to multi-channel messaging with patented intelligence at its core. By ensuring that all outbound messages and responses are always matched, regardless of the quantity or order of the messages sent, create and maintain any number of fully interactive conversations with end users that are driven by subject rather than time. An end user’s response is always updated against the appropriate conversation thread and can be relied upon to trigger the next step of an interactive process.

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Dynamics 365 Plug-In

MS Dynamics 365

Our SMS plug-in for MS Dynamics 365 provides quick and easy access to a range of messaging solutions via the Activity entity and also slots seamlessly into the Process builder function within Dynamics. This makes it easy for Boomerang’s messaging solutions to help drive process automation according to your communication processes with distributed staff, agents or employees.

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Send 1-way and 2-way transactional messages or bulk campaigns from any application with an email client. Responses are matched to the originating message and automatically returned to the email client, provide the ability for staff to respond.

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Triggers API

3rd party Integrations

Integrate 3rd party devices, software and systems that can send alerts over email, sms and web services with pre-defined communication workflows to manage a range of incidents or events. The Trigger API sits within our Boomerang user interface is used to initiate communications processes configured within our extensive range of products, from simple broadcast templates to fully interactive escalated workflows.

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Developer API Document Portal

Access detailed documentation on our Restful API and find coded examples and guidance along with a free developers trial account (free trial).

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What can you develop with Boomerang?

Messaging Services

Some of the many services you will be able to access over our API's.

1-Way & 2-Way Message Broadcasting

Allowing organisations to quickly reach a widespread audience, using branded 1-way broadcasts or 2-way reply based campaigns

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Intelligent 2-way Messaging

Drive automation into your business communication workflows using a patented solution that helps to bridge ‘the last mile’

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Multi-Channel Messaging

Gain access to suite of digital communication channels, helping your organisation to extend the level and depth of engagement

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Email-2-SMS & Voice Messaging

2-Way SMS and Voice messaging from an email client, brining digital messaging to the desktop

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International Messaging

Allows organisations to ensure that international 2-way messages arrive from a number local to the destination in more than 50 countries

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Our Solutions

View our dedicated solutions section to see how Boomerang can work with you.

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