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Access Boomerang’s digital messaging API from Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Boomerang’s custom connector allows organisations to easily build intelligent messaging solutions from a range of services within Microsoft’s Power Platform.  The connector is a wrapper around the Boomerang API, allowing the underlying service to talk to Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps. It provides a way for users to connect their own accounts and leverage a set of Boomerang’s pre-built actions and triggers to connect to Microsoft’s applications and workflows.

The connector brings Intelligent 2-way, multi-channel messaging to the Power Platform. For organisation’s looking to access the next generation of digital messaging, our connector provides the ability to build workflows from existing applications such as CRM, ERP, plus applications with existing connectors such as Azure, IoT Central and Microsoft Teams.


  • Connect to Boomerang’s API from Microsoft’s Logic Apps, Power Automate and Power Apps services
  • Access to multi-channel messaging via SMS, email and voice (text-2-speech)
  • Build conversational workflows managed by subject rather than time (‘intelligence’ which is unique and patented)
  • Execute both bulk campaigns and transactional messaging
  • Use inbound communications and replies as workflow triggers
  • Create triggers using message delivery status updates


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  • Dynamic scheduling - Automated fulfilment and cancellation of deliveries, appointments, bookings
  • Workforce management - Shift planning, field force automation, recruitment
  • Incident management - Outages, service disruption, business continuity processes
  • Customer experience management - Instant authentication, fast tracking, debt recovery
  • Surveys - Create interactive surveys
  • Service desk support - Create threads for ticket updates to end users and responses and notify agents of updates
  • Sales enquiries - Create threads to interact with end users to manage new enquiries
  • Prospect management - Create threads to drive deeper relationships with prospects
  • Marketing - Qualify and drive deeper engagements
  • Marketing, promotions, notifications etc
  • Alerting - M-2-M and IoT alerting, service monitoring
  • Reminders and updates
  • Instant authentication (OTP and 2FA)
  • Driving mobile payments


  • Bridge the ‘last mile’ between applications and distributed stakeholders to achieve real-time automation
  • Reduce the cost and associated risk of developing complex communication workflows into Microsoft services
  • Extend the communication reach with access to multi-channel messaging
  • Reduce overheads using automated workflows for end-to-end fulfilment of a range of business processes
  • Engage with recipients using their preferred communication channel
  • Generate ‘frictionless’ engagements, allowing stakeholders to fulfil via the same communication channel
  • Utilise economies of scale using Boomerang across a range of processes, spanning many departments
  • Overcome the limitations and costs associated to traditional telephony, providing customers with greater choice
  • Retain the key IP of your processes with Microsoft and use Boomerang as an ‘enabler’ for process automation

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