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Engineering & Manufacturing

The management of expensive and technical machinery is vital to the flow of the production line and the welfare of workers operating that machinery is paramount to any organisation. Boomerang's range of messaging solutions is helping to automate key components, from procurement workflows to automated rostering processes. Furthermore, our solution for Lone Working safeguards the welfare of isolated workers and ensures compliance with legislative requirements.


Cost Saving

Reduce operational overheads using automated rostering


Improve Employee Engagement

Extend workforce engagement using communicate surveys to measure employee satisfaction


Streamline Workforce

Use lone worker monitoring to increase coverage as no need to double-up staff


Improve SLAs

Reduce issue resolution times through automated monitoring and escalation of information


Improve Operational Efficiency

Maintain production line 'flow' through effective inventory management


Roster management - Schedule rosters in advance and automate reminders


System failures / outages - Automate and escalate communications in the event of a mechanical problem or failure


Low inventory alerts - Notify when supply level thresholds are reached and automate replenishment order requests


Offering overtime - Automate 2-way communications to staff with an option to reply to accept the additional work


Purchase order approval - Issue 2-way approval requests to management, using reply to provide approval


Lone worker safety - Stay in touch with staff operating in isolation to verify their safety - automate escalation where no reply

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Don’t just take our word for it, see how we’ve already helped global clients, like the University of San Francisco and the British Army, to streamline their communications, reducing administrative burdens and significantly improving productivity.

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