Critical Alerting & Escalation

Critical Alerting & Escalation

Streamline the critical incident management process through automated escalation

In the midst of a critical incident, effective communications are pivotal to a swift resolution, to minimise the impact of an incident. A clear strategy to address critical incidents and to support business continuity procedures is, therefore, becoming increasingly important, for organisations looking to maintain high levels of service availability, and to comply with recognised standards such as ISO 22301.

As such, many businesses are looking towards critical incident management software to assist with this, specifically software which can help to co-ordinate incident communications through automated messaging escalation, as this allows key stakeholders to be targeted to ensure that they are notified as quickly as possible. Using boomAlert not only allows organisations to distribute warning messages before an event develops into an incident, but also creates pre-defined incident communication flows that ensure that the responses to an incident are swift and effective, minimising disruption.


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