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In a fast paced environment where time is at a premium, Boomerang's suite of messaging solutions remove a heavy administrative burden by offering the ability to automate a number of routine processes, ranging from property viewings and maintenance visits through to debt recovery processes. The platform also makes it easy to publish new listings which can be targeted to individuals based on the criteria or preferences that they have previously expressed.


Cost Saving

Reduce operational overheads by automating viewer/vendor appointments


Reduce Debtors

Minimise debtors by automating payment reminders (rent etc) with a seamless transition to a payment gateway


Increase workforce agility

Reduce non-attendance for appointments relating to installation and maintenance services


Improve Customer Engagement

Generate greater interest in properties using SMS short-codes on property advertising boards


Increase reach

Increase viewings by automating the distribution of new listings, price reductions etc.


Property viewings - Automate the appointment management process between vendor and viewer


Rent reminders - Issue reminders to ensure tenants keep payments on-time and offer SMS payment solution


Installation & maintenance services - Automate the appointment management process between tradesmen and tenants


Publish new listings - Automatically distribute new listings and automate the viewing management process


Payments - Provide access to payment gateway solution to receive deposits and rent


Allow end users to register their interest in a property "Text [VIEW] with board ref [BX345] to arrange a viewing"

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