Intelligent Automated Messaging

Intelligent Automated Messaging

Building automated communications, driving down costs and creating richer engagement

Keeping a check on operating costs is paramount for any business. As such, it is vital that resources are utilised as efficiently as possible, whilst maintaining quality of service delivery and customer engagement. Businesses that can automate some of their operational processes, reap substantial benefits and can gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

Automation of business processes is a core part of Boomerang’s ethos and has guided our approach to communications. Boomerang has patented ‘Intelligent 2-way’ SMS technology, which means that it is are the only provider of a true automated SMS service, by guaranteeing that messages and replies are always matched. As a result, businesses can build multiple, concurrent conversations between their systems and end users, without ever breaking the thread. Boomerang has built a suite of products that leverages this technology, allowing a wide range of organisations to use automated communications to fulfil a range of everyday business processes, whilst also creating a seamless experience by allowing customers to engage over a preferred channel to complete an interaction.

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