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Travel & Tourism

Customer satisfaction is critical to business retention in the travel and tourism sector. Organisations need to be agile when problems occur, giving customers information quickly, whilst offering a convenient way to make alternative arrangements. Boomerang's Intelligent messaging, can be accessed online or easily integrated with CRM systems so that real-time information can be automatically dispersed to affected customers, but crucially, it can also empower them to re-schedule their booking from a mobile device, by replying to choose from a set of alternatives. Boomerang's solution for customer experience management also allows an organisation to easily build and distribute customer surveys from an online portal, to gather all-important feedback.


Improve Customer Relationships

Improve customer satisfaction and retention through pro-active communications


Improve SLAs

Reduce issue resolution times by delivering valuable information in real-time


Improve Operational Efficiency

Avoid wasted time & resources by issuing pre-emptive warnings/alerts to customers and staff


Provide better customer service

Prevent customer frustrations with long wait times when trying to reach contact centers


Service disruption - Quickly communicate travel updates (delays, traffic, cancellations, severe weather reports) to customers and staff


Booking management - Provide the ability to easily re-schedule a booking (seats, dates etc) via their response


Urgent help - Provide Short-code help numbers for travellers abroad to text in case of emergencies


Useful information - Provide important information to guests are closer to the time of their arrival


Electronic tickets - Distribute tickets, booking confirmations and/or boarding passes with QR codes


Issue country-specific status alerts (unrest, natural disasters etc.) to warn international travelers


Satisfaction surveys - Build bespoke customer surveys which can be broadcasted en masse or automated as part of a customer journey

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