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Reducing administrative costs is critical to optimising the contributions made to a charity and any solutions that help to do this must be cost-effective to implement and run. Boomerang's suite of messaging solutions are easy to adopt and utilise and through the automation that they deliver can help to reduce the administrative burden. Boomerang helps charities to engage with supporters, offering quick and easy solutions for widespread communication via multiple channels: driving fundraising activities, creating awareness of forthcoming events, or even securing volunteers to attend those events using the recruitment solution. Inbound campaigns also provide an additional route via which end-users can engage with a charity or even make donations.


Growing the supporter base

Grow the supporter base by proactively driving opt-ins through convenient methods of engagement.


Maintaining the supporterbase

Increase donations by offering a seamless payment process from donation reminders.


Increase reach

Extend engagement and awareness at minimal costs using mass broadcasts.


Cost Saving

Reduce administration costs by automating volunteer recruitment.


Increase donation options

Advertise campaigns that allow SMS donations to increase contributions


Donations - Send donation reminders to supporters and implement text to give campaigns and offer mobile payment solutions to drive contributions


Event management - Broadcast details of upcoming events to supporters and contacts


Volunteer recruitment - Automate volunteer recruitment using pre-defined communication flows


Volunteer management - Keep volunteers updated with key information regarding the event and automate replacing volunteers who cancel


Increase support - Build an opt-in database of contacts interested in the charity and it's activities

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