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Time-critical communications are essential to combating the impact of issues affecting IT infrastructure, software applications and technical appliances. Boomerang has a suite of messaging technology that integrates neatly with existing applications and monitoring systems to activate the required communication processes, the moment an event or incident occurs. Automated and streamlined communication processes during a critical event can help to bring about a swift resolution, whilst empowering stakeholders with real-time information.


Service Improvements

Improve service availability compliance with customer SLAs


Cost Savings

Reduce manual overhead by automating and escalating alerts to engineers


Continuity Planning

Minimise the impact of malfunctioning appliances (e.g. loss of produce due to faulty refrigeration)


Improve Operational Processes

Minimise wasted resources by targeting and escalating information to the correct personnel


Accurate Reporting

Improve billing accuracy by offering different channels for customers to submit readings


Create Automation

Leverage automation to help create an effective disaster recovery plan for business-critical functions


Meter readings - Allow monthly readings to be submitted by SMS


Tariff changes - Notify customer reaching end of fixed period and promote alternative tariffs - offer reply option to accept


Statements / reminders - Issue statements and reminders to customers when payment overdue


Usage alerts - Notify customers when consumption of services reaches pre-defined usage thresholds


Installation & maintenance services - Automate the appointment management process between engineers and customers


Manage support requests - Triage support requests over SMS and provide automated solutions to customer enquiries

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Don’t just take our word for it, see how we’ve already helped global clients, like the University of San Francisco and the British Army, to streamline their communications, reducing administrative burdens and significantly improving productivity.

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