Field Force Automation

Automating interaction with a distributed workforce to drive down operating costs

Field Force Automation

Embedding Boomerang's Intelligent Messaging solution into field force management software, allows an organisation to automate large scale appointment fulfillment via multi-channel communications with its distributed workforce. Ensuring that agent responses are tracked against each specific appointment request, allows appointments to be issued in real-time, to a large pool of remote agents, with the agent responding first being assigned to the appointment. Furthermore, there are no limitations on the number of simultaneous appointment requests an agent can receive and respond to.



  • Reduce operational overheads by automating appointment fulfilment process
  • Improving customer satisfaction by accelerating the appointment fulfilment process
  • Increase quantity of opportunities provided to agents to reduce turnover
  • Re-deploy manual resources elsewhere


  • Automate the appointment fulfilment process
  • Issue multiple appointments to agents simultaneously
  • Use first response to secure appointments
  • Contact large groups of agents through bulk requests

How it Works:


Step 1

Appointment request submitted by end customer


Step 2

Field Force Management software collates all agents servicing the end customer's location


Step 3

A bulk request containing the appointment details is submitted from the FFM software to Boomerang via API


Step 4

Boomerang distributes the message to all agents, providing an option to reply to claim the appointment


Step 5

The agent responding first is assigned to the appointment in the FFM software and receives acknowledgement of this"

Working with Boomerang has provided our clients with a robust 2-way messaging solution which, when integrated with Oneserve’s service management solution, automates the communication with their customers and improves the efficiency of their service.

Adam Thompson

Chief Solution Officer, Oneserve

Because of the nature of our end-users, their communications skills and platforms are variable; we therefore, need to have a number of channels open to claimants. SMS is proving to be our most effective method of communication.

Ian Clarke

Operations Program Manager, Capita PIP

Boomerang gave the opportunity to rapidly evaluate participants’ responses to messages and respond quickly to messages that failed to provide value to participants. The latter aspect is of particular importance for actively engaging patients with their healthcare enterprise.

James S Khan

Chair of the UCSF Research Administration board

The Boomerang intelligent SMS communication solution allows restaurateurs to quickly communicate with its customers without human intervention; bookings are confirmed in an instant enabling owners and managers to see real-time reservation updates.

Mike Edworthy

Service & Sales Director

The only software that we could find in the market that uses unique open SMS technology to manage all database updates and subsequent actions automatically.

Stephen Edwards

EMEA Project Manager