Seamless Messaging Solutions For Automotive


In a competitive market place, offering convenience and choice to customers can make the difference when vying for business. Boomerang can deliver a toolkit of products and services that can support a range of innovative solutions, providing customers with a seamless interactions whilst driving down operational overheads.


Customer Retention

Build stronger customer relationships and improve retention using authorised reminders.


Business Development

Promote referral schemes to generate new business.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Provide seamless customer experience using mobile payments.


Improved Customer Engagement

Build additional communication channels for customer engagement


Cost Saving

Reduce marketing costs by adopting a digital stretegy with greater reach


Booking MOTs & Services - Allow customers to send an SMS to request a date and time.


MOT & Service reminders - Issue reminders with option to cancel or change dates


Payments - Allow customers to pay for vehicle repairs by SMS


Car rental returns - Pay for rental by SMS avoiding build up of queues


Vehicle information service - Allow potential customers (e.g. in showroom) to request further information about a vehicle by SMS


Book test drive - “Text to book a test drive.”


Locate dealership - “Text BMW to find your nearest dealer"


Vehicle recalls - Automate communications with showrooms, PR and legal to minimise impact of recall


VIP event invite service - New vehicle releases

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