Improving Patient Engagement

Getting valuable feedback and engaging with patients to help you understand how you're performing is a challenge

Patient promises to go online or download a mobile app to complete a survey are quickly forgotten after they have left your premises. Boomerang’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) messaging solution allows the interaction to take place via SMS, so that a patient can respond at their convenience

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Improving patient engagement

`` Patient satisfaction survey ``

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Survey questions can be issued to a mobile device collectively, allowing the patient to pick and choose which questions to reply to or individually where each new message is triggered by the response to the previous question. Where requested, this can also lead naturally towards offering patient incentives such as medical coupons or vouchers that can be redeemed by responding to a message.

Benefits to your business

Increase patient engagement in survey activity using convenience of SMS

Structure and deliver questions based on survey requirements to optimise responses

Incentivise patient feedback using promotional activity such as vouchers and discounts

Example Applications

Friends & Family surveys

Medical Promotions – Promotional offers, medical subscription discounts, wellbeing coupons, optical coupons. Provide the patient with option to respond and interact over SMS to build engagement.


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  • Improving Patient Engagement

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