Automate Appointment Management

Automate appointment fulfilment to reduce DNAs

Although the rise of missed appointments (DNAs) across the healthcare sector has been checked by the use of reminders messages and by also allowing the patient greater control of the appointment process (via websites and portals), the cost of DNAs is still staggering.

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Automate appointment management

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Organisations deploying Boomerang’s messaging solution for appointment scheduling have seen instant success by engaging with patients in a manner both familiar and convenient to them. SMS reminders are sent in the period leading up to an appointment, each containing a response option allowing the patient to cancel the appointment. Any patients responding to cancel are automatically sent a set of alternative dates along with a response option to accept one of those dates; cancelled appointments are then automatically allocated to another patient on the waiting list.

Allowing the patient to control the appointment process from their own mobile device has driven up levels of engagement.

Benefits to your business

Reduce the number of missed appointments (DNAs) and/or late attendance

Automate scheduling/rescheduling to reduce administrative requirements

Automate the allocation of vacant appointment slots to maximise occupancy

Drive patient engagement by allowing them to control the process from their mobile device

Example Applications



Temporary / short-term nursing staff

Contractors Consultants Temporary / short-term nursing staff Project based working


  • Automate Appointment Management

  • Financial Control For Flexible Working

  • Supporting Critical IT & Technology

  • Improving Patient Engagement

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