Critical IT management


Limiting the frequency and impact of IT Incidents

The availability of IT systems and real-time information is critical to the operation of many financial institutions. The inability to access resources or communicate real-time information can have devastating financial impact on an organisation and its customers, spiralling rapidly into the millions with each passing minute.

Messaging System

Unrecognised input!


A text message is sent to a pool of engineers notifying about the available job

SMS Sent

Thank you for confirming you are unable to attend this job.

SMS Sent

Engineer submits a response which triggers an auto reply confirming job allocation with details

SMS Sent

Incident Manager notified that engineer has completed job

Support Critical IT Infrastructure

Boomerang’s Incident Management solution has been developed to limit the frequency of disruption to core systems (by escalating warnings) and to help restore service as quickly as possible in the event of any failure. Service warnings and outage notifications are used to trigger communications to the technical engineers best equipped to deal with a specific type of problem, using preferred communication channels to reach them. Engineers are prompted to provide updates on progress ensuring that time critical information can be instantly relayed to key stakeholders.


  • Minimise down time by automating the allocation of resources to resolve outages.
  • Reduce appointment backlog and waiting times caused by service downtime.
  • Use warning notifications to address potential problems, reducing full outages.
  • Eliminate the cost of SLA penalties by automating notifications to stakeholders.
  • Improve service availability KPIs.


  • Data centre connectivity
  • Network connections and availability
  • Hardware resource and availability
  • Software performance and availability

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