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October 25th, 2016


Boomerang was proud to be selected as the lead communications provider for the “Future of Defence” consortium that exhibited at the Defence Information Symposium in September.

Major investments have been made furnishing Defence with IT. There is a multitude of existing systems, networks, applications and resources out there, but for users, they are often disjointed and scattered – so there are gaps, missed opportunities, things feel harder, frustrating, time-consuming, therefore the value isn’t always optimised. That’s where the consortium comes in – bringing together expertise and experience in a spectrum of fields in order to provide a single solution to a myriad of capability gaps. The Future of Defence Consortium achieves this by being innovative and smart in joining up existing systems and applications to improve the experiences of our customer (Defence budget holders and decision-makers) and of our customer’s customer (members of the armed forces – on the frontline and in office).

The Future of Defence stand, depicting the career journey of a serviceman from “Join” through “Training” and Operate” to “Leave” showcased technologies from each of the Consortium members individually as well as demonstrating collaboration. The whole ‘journey’ was underpinned by Boomerang’s patented messaging technology.

The Symposium took place in Stamford Bridge (Chelsea’s football ground) on 13 and 14 September.  For the Consortium, it was the culmination of eight weeks of planning and cooperation.  A great event!

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