A Guide to Bulk SMS


February 26th, 2014

Not sure about how to get into bulk SMS or want to better understand the benefits of this popular business solution? This guide will explain the benefits of bulk SMS and help you through every step of the process from set up to execution.

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Find a service provider

Setting up a bulk SMS service couldn’t be easier. Simply find a business SMS provider who can deliver a bulk service that is suited to your needs. Most providers will install the software you need and guide you through its various uses, as well as giving you a tutorial on using the system. Using a service provider is much more practical and economical than building your own system, as the technology can be very expensive and cause many problems if done incorrectly.

How to get numbers

One of the common mistakes businesses make when first using SMS to communicate on a large scale is to pay for numbers. Since customers did not voluntarily provide their information to you, any communications are considered spam and will harm your reputation for customer service. The key to success is finding relevant numbers, which you want to do through things like competitions or signup forms on your website.

Sending the Message

One of the main benefits of using a bulk SMS service is that with just a few clicks, your information is sent out to any number of recipients. The content should be short and to the point with a call to action and all the information necessary for a conversion. If you were a doctor’s surgery, you could set up an automated service to send a text the day before an appointment saying something like:

“Appointment for Mr Smith with Dr Jones at Doctor’s Surgery 3pm Tomorrow (Date). Text back ‘Y’ to confirm the appointment or ‘N’ to cancel and receive a list of alternative appointment times.” .

Some SMS services also provide the ability to take SMS uses with in organisations to the next level. One way this can be done is by setting up inbound numbers to assist in the automation of workflow and creating an easier, quick and efficient communication method.

Benefits of SMS

There are some huge benefits to choosing SMS over other forms of communications, including the fact that around 99% of all text messages are opened. What’s more, is that the average text is opened within 3 minutes of receiving it – making it great for a prompting service. As if this isn’t enough, bulk SMS also benefits from having:

  • Set rates on texts, providing a high ROI
  • The ability to quickly write and send a text
  • Large reach targeting anyone with a phone
  • Better response rate than email
  • Faster than calling

All these benefits are making SMS one of the fastest growing tools in business at the moment. To find out more about how you can make the most of this service, get in contact with us today.

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