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March 4th, 2021

With all of the new features, systems and products, we have decided that we need a new shop front. We wanted to do something different, but at the same time, were adverse to incurring too much risk.

What we have realised is that one shoe does not fit all. Trying to create a website that fits the norm and is useful, attractive and simple to one person is painful ugly and unhelpful to another. Our view is that someone who does not want the sort of website common on the internet today will want something very different, so what we have done is produce not one but two web sites.

We are extremely proud of both and hope you will find them informative and easy to navigate

Our main site (traditional site) is easy to navigate, quick to get to the information and informative.

Our other site is a little radical, being more of an info site, but with a difference. From this site you are guided through a process to get the information you want without having to troll through reams of gaff and sales information and content you are essentially not interested in. By engaging with the site and answering a few key questions you can easily and quickly get to the information you want, without any hassle and expediting very little time. This site is situated at and we would really appreciate any feedback that you are willing to share on this experience.

Traditional website:

Interactive website:

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