What is Intelligent Messaging? Intelligent SMS Guide.


May 9th, 2022

It’s simple, SMS does not have the carrier protocols needed to group messages together and so relies on a time basis to do this, irrespective of the sequence of the messages.

As a human, this is not a problem as one can understand the individual messages and their order however this throws out a lot of problems with managing 2 x way automated SMS communications as a workflow or database cannot manage more than one outbound message and one reply to the same recipient at a time.

With the popularity of SMS, this can become a real issue. Software solutions using communications to user groups must develop alternative communications channels for further 2-Way communications, adding to the complexity and cost of creating and delivering a solution and more importantly adding confusion and inconvenience to the recipient of said communications.

Imagine an engineering and management group responsible for the maintenance and management of an IT system, to which there would be multiple events that need attention, if an engineer has an SMS message relating to an incident to which he must reply to no further SMS messages can be sent to him as the system will not know which message he is replying to if there is more than one. This creates confusion, failure points, increased stress, and inconsistency.

As companies and the public sector turn to SMS messaging more and more for such things as Password authentication, marketing offers, system updates, and account notifications the chance of limiting how SMS can be used becomes very real very quickly. Furthermore, the exact nature of this problem, normally overlooked, often limits the capability of automated communications over SMS and its ability to be utilised for multiple 2-way communications.

The SMS/Texting market has missed a real opportunity to utilise SMS in a far deeper and more meaningful way, providing its customers with better automation, cost-saving processes and compliance through communications, and their end customers with a choice to the traditional telephone or App solution and a better user experience with the ability to self-serve.

Boomerang provides such a solution across all of its products and services. Not only for its end-user customers accessing services through its User Interface or various API’s but its partners connecting their own services to the patented capability ensuring they can squeeze the most out of their own processes by utilising intelligent communications. We can even licence the capability to network operators, and ISV to resell through their own offering managing the intelligence across their own numbering database stacks easily achieving added value to their own customer base and increasing licencing and messaging revenues.

In fact once an organisation gets into intelligent messaging they quickly realise and understand the benefits and cost savings that can be achieved, which is why the Boomerang service can easily justify being sold at a premium over other SMS solutions and why it is such an ideal fit to partners needing to provide communications within their own solutions

So, Boomerang makes a bold claim…. Irrespective of the number of messages or the order of reply Boomerang will guarantee every response will be correlated to the correct message from whence it came.

Essentially this means as long as we are passed a message with a unique identifier from a workflow, we can maintain a conversation over SMS, start a new conversation on a new subject with the same recipient and ensure all the replies go back to the workflow with the correlating identifier.
The recipient’s experience is one of a display of a message relating to a conversation and a different display of another conversation from the same person/organisation

Boomerang has also applied this capability to one of its products called boomMail which provides the ability to send and receive SMS and voice communications from an email client without the need for numbers, software or even training, ensuring compliance and connection to the given CRM system. This is ideal to deliver a 2-way messaging capability or inbound campaign sending communications into the heart of an organisation’s customer care, support and sales recourses with minimal investment.

Furthermore, if you bolt on boomLocal we can even deliver this capability internationally, meaning a team in an international location can deal with receiving and sending SMS communications from and to anywhere in the world using a local number to where the message is destined for, and without the need to issue any numbers to the operators.

SMS has been one of the communications success stories of the last 20 years, it has repeatedly defied its critics, outperformed all of the projections and continues to be the most successful succinct messaging tool used by the world today. Boomerang solutions breathes new life into an already hugely utilised recourse, and once adopted allow a forward-thinking organisation to further squeeze a few last drops of capability from a trusted old friend.

Boomerang has built its business around intelligent messaging and has patented its process in over 40 countries globally making it the market leader in intelligent SMS messaging

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