Alan Dye – in the hot seat


August 4th, 2014

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Alan Dye was recently appointed as Sales & Marketing Director here at Boomerang.

Having worked in the telecommunications and enterprise sectors previously, where his track record was second to none, Alan is now looking forward to his future within the growing company.  Alan’s previous work with tech start-ups in Bell Labs will hold him in great stead for his role at Boomerang, as he has great insight and experience of working in an agile and innovative way.


Boomerang’s technology, along with the platform behind it, excites Alan, and he is especially looking forward to working towards the ‘huge impact’ he believes boomAlert™ will have on businesses in the future.

Full Name?
Alan Edward Dye

Job Role?

Sales & Marketing Director

Favourite Colour?

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee in the spring/summer but I like tea in the winter.

iPhone or Android?
Definitely iPhone.

What is your favourite thing about working for Boomerang?
Getting to meet some really interesting people. Because of how our solutions work, we get to meet the head of innovation at the MOD, or decision makers at the cabinet office and having sensible conversations about our products with people like that is what I really enjoy doing.

If you didn’t work at Boomerang what would you be doing?
Sitting by my pool.

What is going to be your next holiday destination?
Surfing in Cornwall.

Describe yourself in one word

Who is your ultimate role model and why?
Eric Cantona because he is the King and I love his supreme confidence in his own ability.

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